2021-22 Fall Stay and Play Registration Form
Please fill out a separate form for each child.
  • Stay and Play is a wonderful opportunity for children to stay after school and partake in enrichment classes or just play with their friends.

    The hours of Stay and Play are from 12:30 to 1:15pm. Your child will be escorted from their room to the activity of your choice. You will then pick your child up from the gymnasium foyer or scout hut (depending upon the activity) at 1:15 pm. Children must be potty trained to participate.

    Parents may register a child for any days on which the child regularly attends school.

    Stay & Play pricing is $8 per day when signing up for the entire semester and paying in advance. Otherwise, a $12 per day drop in rate will apply.

    During regular Stay and Play, children have unstructured play time with their friends. Should you decide to sign up for Playball®, Creative Movement and Dance®, Ninja Kids, or Outside the Lines with Miss Julie, tuition will be due to the vendors for those activities in addition to the daily $8 Stay and Play fee.

  • * Regular Stay and Play is $8 per day when paying for the entire semester in advance.

  • * Two forms and 2 payments are due when selecting a vendor program.
    * This is the form for PAS. The vendor's form is located on our website and must also be filled out.
    * The $8 per day Stay and Play fee is due to PAS and can be paid via our eTuition site. The vendor's program fee must also be paid and instructions are provided in each vendor's registration form.
  • Emergency Contact Information

    Please enter the name of the parent or guardian who should be contacted in the case of an emergency.
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  • By signing your name below, you verify that you are the parent/guardian of the child listed above.

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  • Once you hit submit, you will be redirected to our secure online payment page. If you are unsure as to the payment amount, contact Kelly Iannucci at pasoffice@allsaintsdunwoody.org to verify. Please fill out separate registration form for each child, but pay for entire family's stay and play fees at one time. You may "x" out of the payment page after you have already paid your family's fees.

    ** Remember that all fees are based on using the "ACH Payment Method from your Checking Account." If you prefer to use a credit card, you must select the $15 credit card fee button.