We are once again placing MBA students doing the Entrepreneurship and Strategy Course at the Australian Graduate School of Management into startups around Sydney. These are seasoned full-time MBA students. There is no charge for the student. They will work on the strategic problem roughly for one day a week. Confidentiality agreements can be signed.

To register for an MBA student, please fill out the form below. The placement will be from September to December 2014, and the student will be working on a strategic problem for your startup.

Please note criteria below. The process is competitive - there are usually more starts than students, so your description of your business and of your strategic problem is essential.

Closing date for submission: 29th August 2014. For further information call Jeffrey Tobias on 0401890071 or email me on
  • Please complete proposed project that you would give the MBA student (250 words max). Please be as complete as possible. This is a really important section for the student.
  • 1. Be up and running with at least two years of operation
    2. Having a team composition of at least three people and no more than 30 people
    3. Be located in premises other than a person’s home
    4. Be able to identify a strategic problem that, if solved, would be of significant benefit to the business
    5. Be willing to:
    • Fully brief the student at the beginning of the twelve week period
    • Engage with the student during the twelve week period
    • Provide sufficient ongoing information flow to allow the student to complete the task
    • Provide access to all material needed to complete the task
    • Be present at the final student presentation at the Australian Graduate School of Management
    • Take this exercise seriously – it is a significant opportunity for you to have an MBA student tackle a strategic issue
    • Immerse the student in your entrepreneurial environment i.e. provide them a desk/workstation, ability to come and go, and ability to engage with your staff and attend company meetings