• “We guarantee your tenant’s elation to know they can now speak with their managing agent!
    It’s the simple things that count.”

    Landlords often think they are obliged to remain with their current managing agent but this is not the case. Your obligation is to the tenant and not to the agent.

    If your expectation is not being met then it is a simple process to transfer your management to another agency.

    To transfer your property to HeywoodPM simply call Barbara 0413 274 704 or fill in the required fields:

    Barbara will provide you with one termination letter which upon your signing will give us the ability to do all the leg work for you. We will retrieve your property file from your existing agent, get in touch with the tenant and immediately arrange a Routine Maintenance inspection to address items that have gone awry.

    As many transferees have experienced; we guarantee an extremely smooth transition and guarantee your tenant’s elation to know they are now with a management firm that will follow up maintenance items swiftly and effortlessly.