Destination Wedding Agreement Contract
Miller Travel Company
120 W Sweet Ave. Bismarck, ND 58504
Description of Services
As a Destination Travel Advisor my role includes:
• Meeting with the bride and groom to discuss budget, location, wedding date, and details & ideas for their destination wedding.
• We will secure the resort and date, work directly with the resort and resort wedding planner to arrange the wedding details.
• Assisting with destination choices, providing information for up to 3 locations that meet or exceed expectations. Considerations will include travel considerations for couple and guests, location amenities, wedding package inclusions and budget.
• Negotiating supplier group contract or group code to include discounts for all guest reservations. The entire group must be booked with Miller Travel Company to receive all group benefits and amenities. To receive group discounted rates, the number of required room nights must meet or exceed minimum requirements as determined by the resort policies, entire group must be booked with Miller Travel Company to receive all group benefits and amenities.
• Securing wedding date, general location within the resort, and provide legal destination marriage requirements. Note: It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to complete all necessary paperwork and provide payment means in a timely manner.
• Arranging all travel plans for guests attending including round-trip air, hotel accommodations, transfer to and from airport/hotel, travel insurance and pre-planned destination tours.
• Coordinating honeymoon plans for the wedding couple.
• A travel representative can be requested to be present for the wedding and based off group party will be assessed on a case by case basis.

*Miller Travel Company is a travel agency and not the wedding event coordinator. Our responsibilities are related strictly to the facilitation of travel, acquisition of accommodations and securing an event venue for the wedding couple as well as guests of the event. I will facilitate the initial communication between the wedding couple and the wedding coordinator who will assist with ceremony details such as colors, cake flavors, etc at the appropriate time. Miller Travel Company will make every reasonable effort to communicate with the wedding couple, provided phone numbers, mailing addresses and electronic communication means are kept current. It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to inform Miller Travel Company of any changes as soon as possible.

Travel protection
Miller Travel Company asks bride and groom to carry adequate travel insurance, and if they choose not to purchase this with our agency, they MUST sign a waiver of insurance and liability. By signing this agreement agree to the terms and agree to not hold Miller Travel Company responsible for any unforeseen circumstances including bride and groom cancellation, weather conditions, or any other circumstance that may arise.

Contract Options:
To perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your destination wedding $200 fee for our services. In the event that your wedding is not booked or cancelled for any reason, this fee is non-refundable. We will not hold dates until this contract is received and retainer is paid. This is NOT an extra fee you pay. We will be applied to your final payment to the resort, provided all contract requirements are met. In the unfortunate event that plans are cancelled or if the itinerary is not fulfilled for any reason, the deposit will be retained by Miller Travel Company. Once agreement is received, you will be emailed a link to make the retainer payment.

Fees & Payment Schedule
Travel planning involves time and expertise. Our research is based on personal experience and professional resources. The preferred supplier partners that we select have been chosen based on their ability to meet your specific event needs and that of your guests. Your final itinerary will provide an event that should meet or exceed your expectations.

This service agreement only applies to destination wedding planning provided by Miller Travel Company. This agreement does not represent resort, airlines and other wedding vendor services. Any resort, airline or vendor penalties incurred by the bride/groom as a result of cancellation are the sole responsibility of the bride/groom as presented in subsequent contracts.
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  • If you moving or staying for the honeymoon please expain how you would like this to work?
  • Please include the estimated number of children, if any?
  • This includes the travel.
  • Example: Wedding on a beach with a private dinner and dance.