Large Projects Form
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  • Nb. For exhibition stands and projects of similar nature a budgetary range would benefit such as 10-15k as example to allow for some tolerance. Our designers will aim to be within this range.
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  • essential field - also add any details ref unique features such as hall column etc
  • Click "Add File" for each file to upload
    Max file size 10MB
  • If more than 4- approval must be sought to proceed with design pitch
  • Design Requirements

  • Eg. Walk-in Store/Cupboard/Other
  • Eg. Reception/Lounge area /High stools and Table/ Low Table and chairs approximate quantities if known
  • Plasma screens/ Monitors/ Client specific products
  • If yes, please supply details, quantities, sizes, power requirements etc.
  • Meet and Greet/ Bar/ Other
  • Additional Design Requirements (not covered by the above)

  • Additional elements required by client that will possibly
    affect the stand design (ie car placement)
  • Client likes or dislikes that are relevant to the design process, any previous stand look/colours to avoid etc
  • LED effects/halo lighting feature lights etc. good lighting is a given
  • Raised deck/direct to hall floor.
    Heavy machinery? Client like/dislike for vinyl/carpet other? Specify/suggest
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  • Large projects will require minimum 10 days to facilitate. Extra time should be allocated for these jobs to ensure enough time is given to cost complex work.
    Ensuring all relevant information is supplied above and detailed, will help speed up the process.
    If there is a urgency to your requirement greater than this standard please discuss directly with design dept manager once you have submitted this form.

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