Fuller Rhythm Studio Waiver & Release
I am aware that dancing, and the exercises associated with it, can place stress on the body, and carry with it the risk of physical injury. On behalf of my child and myself (and if I am no longer a minor, on my own behalf), I assume the risk and agree that Fuller Rhythm Studio shall not be liable in any way for injuries sustained during attendance at Fuller Rhythm Studio or any of its related functions on or off property. I hereby certify that my child and myself, as students, is/are fully capable of participating in dance, fitness and activities at Fuller Rhythm Studio and is/are healthy and has/have no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities that would restrict full participation in these activities. I understand Fuller Rhythm Studio may require a doctors release authorization to participate in such activities at any time. Student or Guardian/Parent of Student understands and acknowledges that Fuller Rhythm Studio is not an insurer of Student’s behavior, actions or participation in the program/classes, and that Fuller Rhythm Studio assumes no liability whatsoever for personal injuries or property damages to Student, Self or to third persons arising out of participation in the program activities, classes, or any activities related thereto. Student or Guardian/Parent hereby agrees to release, waive, covenant not to sue, indemnify and hold harmless Fuller Rhythm Studio, its owners/directors, teachers, employees, or the owners of the location 905 Trophy Club Drive, Trophy Club, TX from any and all liability, claims, demands, judgments, actions, executions and causes of action whatsoever. I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM WAIVING MY RIGHT TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION INCLUDING FILING A LAWSUIT FOR PERSONAL INJURIES TO MY CHILD(REN) AND/OR MYSELF.

PHOTO/MEDIA/VIDEO/EMAIL RELEASE: I give Fuller Rhythm Studio the absolute right and permission to use my child’s photograph(s) in its promotional materials and publicity efforts. I understand that the photograph(s) may be used in a publication, print ad, direct-mail piece, electronic media (e.g. video, Internet), or other form of promotion. I release Fuller Rhythm Studio, the photographer, their offices, employees, agents, and designees from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connection with such use. Additionally, I will make no monetary or other claim against Fuller Rhythm Studio for the use of the photograph(s)/video(s). Fuller Rhythm Studio does not share clients’ personal information with any other company or organization outside of Fuller Rhythm Studios’ owned entities. Fuller Rhythm Studio uses client email address provided at the time of registration as a means to communicate important studio details, including but not limited to, studio closures, account related communication, studio related events and news. I provide Fuller Rhythm Studio permission to utilize my email in the above-mentioned ways. I AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IN PLACE FOR FULLER RHYTHM STUDIO AS POSTED ON THE WEBSITE-www.fullerrhythm.com
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