Northumberland County has a supply of Endurance Team Colour Rain covers available for use on expeditions across the County.

These covers provide waterproofing for participant rucksacks, whilst also allowing groups to be colour-coded for easier identification at a distance.

We have 4 sets of rain covers for Teams of up to 7, and 6 sets for Teams of up to 5.

There is no charge to use these covers, but all lenders accept full responsibility for the safe return at the end of the expedition.

Please make sure that the covers have been properly dried (and, if necessary, cleaned) before they are folded up into their pouches and returned to us.
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  • Collecting/Returning the rain covers

    Select the date and time that you wish to collect the covers from Scout House.

    Scout House opening hours are:

    Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:30

    You can contact us at to discuss collection if needed.
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