Tell Us Your Story
Share your story about recovery--from 500 to 1000 words. Telling your story may serve to help others.
  • "Non exclusive" means that we can use your story but you also retain the rights to submit to other sources. There will be no compensation (other than the book earned) for the non exclusive use of this story.
  • We need your real name here. For the story, we will use your first name and last initial in the next box.
  • If you are uncomfortable with using your real first name and last initial, you can make up a name and we will use that name on your story.
  • In your story we want to know how you used to think, what made you want to change and what changes you have made to take care of you. Stories that only describe addiction without solutions or hope will not be accepted. Remember that your recovery is just as important as sharing what it used to be like. Talk about what happened to take you away from addiction, what programs do you use, do you have a sponsor, what tools do you use to stay clean and sober and what do you find the hardest. Share as much as you can about recovery.
  • If we accept your story, you may pick one of four choices from Day By Day. Check the book you would like.