C 2021-Plan To Go Retainer Fee
Required On All Itineraries

In order to perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel request(s), a deposit in the amount of $100.00 is required. The good news is, it will be returned to you after you return from your trip booked through LS Travel Agency; any other circumstances it is Non-REFUNDABLE.

Vacation planning involves a lot of time spent researching. My work is based on years of personal experience and expertise. I research cruises, hotels, tours and location to meet your specific needs in order to draft your itinerary plans and to give you specific vacation options as possible. If you choose NOT to book your vacation with Lisa Streater at LS Travel Agency and decide to book on your own the "Plan to Go Retainer" will be retained by Lisa Streater at LS Travel Agency as payment for my services rendered.
  • LS Travel Agency Terms & Conditions:

    As Primary Traveler/Planner on the Itinerary-Quote(s): I understand this is a disclosure of business practices and permissive cash payment agreement for the purchase of travel services. I agree that payment may be made direct to Lisa Streater at LS Travel Agency.

  • How It Works:

    We, will perform research and create a customized quote for you & your travel companions based on the information that you provided on the "Travel Request Form". If you have any questions about anything regarding the quote, you can contact me during regular business hours via Phone, Text Message or Email. If it's after hours, I encourage you to send an email so that I can respond to you on the next business day.

    Note: All clients can receive up to (3) customized quotes per/$100.00 paid in full.

    For example: If a potential client contacts us complete the "Travel Request form" paid the retainer fee and indicates that they would like to get a quote for a trip to Cancun. We will get started on your request 24 to 72 hours after receiving the retainer fee. We will send you a quote up to (3)resorts in Cancun, per your request. You may look at that quote and decide that you would like to compare that price against the cost of a trip to Jamaica during the same time frame then you will get another quote up to (3)resorts for Jamaica you have now reviewed (2)quotes that were customized specifically for you and your travel companions, but now you would like to also get a quote for a cruise that goes to both Jamaica and Grand Cayman, you have now reviewed (3)quotes. After your customized (3)quotes are completed and once you have decided which package you would like to reserve, you will be given up to (30)days for depositing/booking your vacation package.

    Please keep in mind prices, availability and policies are subject to change at any given time.

    If, you choose not to book with LS Travel Agency (In writing, by email) and/or reach the (30) days mark whichever one comes first the retainer fee will automatically be completed and paid for my services rendered. If you paid your vacation in full and later need to cancel your reservation, you will then incur the retainer fee to Lisa Streater at LS Travel Agency for services rendered.
  • Traveler/Planner INFORMATION:
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  • Up to (3) request
  • I, Acknowledge that I will receive (1-3) quotes, If I choose not to book with LS Travel Agency and/or reach the (30) days mark whichever one comes first, the retainer fee of ($100.00) will automatically be completed and paid to Lisa Streater at LS Travel Agency for her services rendered.
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  • For receipt confirmation and any other documents reference your trip.
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