Sydney Silver Buyers Postal Form
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  • Drivers Licence, Passport or other ID
  • Bank details for payment

  • Goods you are sending for sale

  • Please specify grams or kilos
  • Please email this form the SAME DAY you post your items and put the tracking number in the box below.

    Payment is made within 24 hours of receipt.

    PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT PURCHASE any silverplate or electroplated wares, not limited to items stamped EPNS, EPBM, EP, A1 plate, Viners, Community, Sheffield plate, Hecworth, Grosvenor, Triple plate, Quadruple plate, Nickel silver, Alpaca silver, Jerusalem silver, Rogers Bros, Whitehill (plate), Strachan, Walker & Hall plate, Warranted hard soldered, Ranleigh, Barker Ellis, Rodd (Plate), AKS and any non-silver or non-gold coins.

    If we receive these items we will donate them to our local charity. Thank you.
  • Thank you for choosing Sydney Silver Buyers to sell your silver.