Doctoral Research Appointment Request Forms
  • Instructions:

    Complete this form prior to your tutoring session. Once the form is successfully completed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that it has been received.

    You will received a follow-up email communication regarding the date/time for your appointment.
  • Before your one-on-one appointment, please review the video tutorial titled Quantitative Overview to aid in understanding the broader context of deductive reasoning, or quantitative research. Also, please review the additional resources referenced in the footnotes to broaden your knowledge of the critical research alignment components/concepts. It is assumed you will have read broadly on the topics of discussion, as we will discuss these alignment components/concepts, as appropriate, in your one-on-one session!

  • Part A: Student Information

  • Part B: Proposed Study Information

  • Research Questions Theory Independent or Predictor Variable(s)s /Scale of Measurement Dependent (Outcome) Variable(s) /Scale of Measurement Hypotheses Proposed Statistical Analyses
  • 1. The research question is comprised of the theoretical variables (independent/predictor) and the dependent (outcome) variable.

  • 2. Review the video tutorial titled The Role of Theory in Quantitative Research to aid in completing this column.

  • 3. Additional information on independent/predictor variables.

  • 4. Review the video tutorial titled Scales of Measurement to aid in completing this column.

  • 5. Additional information on dependent variables.

  • 6. Additional information on hypotheses.

  • Briefly state (2-3 sentences) what you want to achieve from this one-on-one tutoring session: