PKA WORLDWIDE is ON THE HUNT FOR THE GREATEST STRIKERS ON THE PLANET. The 2nd stop is August 27, and is hosted by Jamie Cashion at Team Lutter BJJ in Fort Worth, TX.

Here are the[14] basics you should know:

1. We have picked Texas because of the wealth of talent in this region and because of our long relationship with Jamie Cashion.
2. We will be leaving Fort Worth with at least one athlete selected in each weight division that we are “auditioning”…
3. We will be auditioning in regions across the country in order to end up with eight strikers in each division who will fight one fight in our “pre-championship city“ in our first international broadcast in order to end up with four final challengers who will receive contracts with PKA WORLDWIDE and then fight among themselves down to the one winner who will face our #1 seeded fighter in each one of these divisions for the PKA WORLDWIDE Championship for 2022
4. In Fort Worth (and in the other regions) we are initiating a two-step process:
a) You will fill out our online application here and submit it; we will respond immediately with instructions for you to send along a video of yourself sparring along with a short personal explanation about why you should be considered for the tryouts in Fort Worth (and/or other regions)
b) your video will be reviewed by our four judges and if they believe you should be one of the fighters to audition on August 27, they will immediately invite you
5. You will acquaint yourself with the PKA WORLDWIDE Striker rules and be prepared to spar two rounds with your first opponent; and if your judges believe that you are qualified to go to the next round, you will spar two more rounds with your next opponent. And then if the judges feel that you should go into the final audition round, you would then spar three rounds to determine who is the number one person for that weight division in this Fort Worth / Texas / Southwest region. We may select more than one athlete in a division. The fighters will be auditioning in a cage that will have the square footage of a ring that would be approximately 17.5 x 17.5’ inside the ropes.
6. Your 4 judges are scheduled to be 1) Original PKA World Champion, Black Belt Hall of Famer Jeff Smith-who fought the co-main event on the Ali Frazier III card, the “Thrilla in Manila“ 2) Rick "the Jet" Roufus, multiple time World Champion in PKA with a record of some 65 wins and 40+ KO's-recently named as Global Director of Fighter development for PKA WORLDWIDE 3)Joe Corley, producer and commentator for more than 1000 hours of PKA KICKBOXING on CBS, NBC, ESPN, USA Network, Turner Sports, SHOWTIME and on international syndication, now CEO of PKA WORLDWIDE. 4) One of the many former World Champions from the Texas area.
7. All applicant/auditioners will sign it at 9:00 AM on August 27, and will receive the schedule for the day’s events. Prior, you will have been instructed as to what kind of clothing to bring and what equipment to wear. PKA will provide headgear, gloves, shin/instep/foot pads and competitors will bring mouthpieces, protective cups/groin protectors, hand wraps
8. You will, upon arrival, weigh-in and receive a physical exam, and if cleared, will be put into the lineup for the day. You will be videoed for bag and pad work, sparring and in interviews.
9. PKA Worldwide will provide sandwiches for lunch and water throughout the day. You may also bring your own refreshments and food should you choose.
10. Jamie Cashion will be pre-inviting certain fighters; these fighters may come from American style KICKBOXING, Muay Thai, MMA, K-1 style rules, or as known in some places low-kick rules. In these auditions, however, all kicks in sparring will be thrown above the belt. There will be a minimum number of 8 kicks required in each one of the 2-minute rounds. As soon as we have received your application, we will send you the complete rules for your review so that you may train appropriately.
11. In these auditions, there will be no winners or losers in the sparring rounds-- just a determination by the judges as to which athletes move onto the next round. There will be no wins or losses to be recorded on your record, as a result. There will be trained "kick counters" in place counting the numbers of your kicks which may potentially determine how you are “judged” on your performance.
12. PKA WORLDWIDE provides this recap of a pay-per-view promo event that featured Rick Roufus against Jean Yves Theriault along with a Dennis Alexio title fight with Dick Kimber and a Paul Vizzio title fight with Juan Torres as part of PKA KARATEMANIA VIII, presented live for SHOWTIME pay-per-view. Hosted by PKA CEO Joe Corley, our potential auditioners will see the kind of fighters that graced the screens of the PKA‘s Broadcasts over more than 20 years. These are the kind of fights that PKA Worldwide intends to produce for television for 2022
This video from New York June 11 gives you a good idea as to how it will go and what to expect
13. If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Cashion at 817-692-8741. You will have until Wednesday, August 24 to have your applications and videos submitted to us online.
14. Fill out the form below and SUBMIT. We will reach out to you immediately via phone, text and/or email with your video instructions.
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