Pyr Paws N Fluffy Tails Rescue Adoption App

Adoption fee for adults is $250
Adoption fee for Puppies (below 6 months) is $300
Adoption fee for Seniors (7 years and above) is $150

Adults and Seniors will have received their DHLPP, Rabies, Bordatella shots. They will be micro-chipped, they will be heart-worm tested, Ehrlichia tested, have a fecal done, be de-wormed, be spayed/neutered, and will be current on their heart-worm and flea/tick prevention. They will also come with all their vet records, a collar and our PPFT tag.

Puppies will have received two sets of puppy shots, two sets of worming, and their bordatella shot. If old enough, they will have also had their rabies. They will be micro-chipped, and will be started on flea/tick and heart-worm prevention. They will also come with all their vet records and a collar with our rescue tag. Their fee also includes their spay/neuter.
  • We go by BEST fit, not first come. While we would love to adopt to everyone that applies with us, sometimes that unfortunately will not be the case.
  • *Your application will NOT be considered if you do not provide us with information for your reference. You are welcome to list more than one if you prefer.
  • Check all that apply.
  • *Note that adopters are responsible for PICKING up their new dog.
  • - -
    (Please note that our primary communication will be via text)
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  • *Note if your email is not accepted make sure that you do not have a "space" after your email.
  • If you will be the sole caretaker, put N/A:
  • ***Please alert your landlord that we will be reaching out***
  • If yes, please describe why?
  • ****ATTENTION****

    This is the part we send on to the dog of interest's foster so PLEASE be very detailed in what you are looking for in your new dog and what your activity/lifestyle is like. Remember, you may not be the only person applying for him/her. An example of what we mean is listed below.

    Ex: "We are a young couple looking for another dog to join our family! We currently have a 1.5 year old male golden retriever/ Great Pyrenees named Ari. Ari has a balanced playful/calm attitude and would love a dog to match his energy! We are looking for a young pup preferably under a year that would eventually enjoy public outings to dog parks and going on walks around town. We will have someone home full time with the new dog to be sure they feel comfortable in our home and so our current dog can adjust to the new pup! We are willing to continue or begin training so we wouldn’t need them to be fully potty trained before coming to us as we were very successful in training our current dog Ari. Overall we are hoping for a playful puppy to join us on our adventures!" *
  • If not, why?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • Keeping Your New Fluffy Butt Safely Contained.

    If you do NOT have a fence, we will have some follow up questions towards the end of the application.

  • If so, is the fence attached to the house to allow easy access?
    What kind of fencing do you have?
    How tall is your fencing?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • Home Life

  • If not, is it a dealbreaker if your new dog gets up on furniture?
  • If you don't plan on kenneling your new dog, put NA.
  • Please describe your weekly schedule. EX: I work 9-5 M-F and on weekends I like to be active outside the home.
    Where will the dog stay when no one is home?
    If you work a full 8hr+ day, what is your plan for your dog to be exercised?
    Where will the dog sleep at night?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • If not, how would you handle that?
  • If so, how long would you try to work things out between them?
  • Vet Care:

    We do require that any current dogs in the home be current on vaccinations AND heartworm prevention. If your dog(s) are not current, you will be asked to update them. Until they are current on everything we will NOT be able to keep processing your application.

  • If yes, what is the name of the brand?
  • ***Please alert your vet that we will be calling to confirm your pets are up to date on their shots and heart-worm prevention.***
  • - -
  • NO FENCING-We go case by case on this. Please be as detailed as possible with the questions below if you do NOT have a fence.

    Please put NA if you DO have a fenced in yard.

  • If so, you can attach the photos by clicking add file.