Pyr Paws N Fluffy Tails Rescue Adoption App
This application will help us figure out what you are looking for in your new dog, but also help us figure out if your home is the right fit for one of our dogs.

**Please note that filling out this application does NOT guarantee you one of our dogs. **


Adoption fee for adults is $250
Adoption fee for Puppies (below 6 months) is $300
Adoption fee for Seniors (7 years and above) is $150

Adults and Seniors will have received their DHLPP, Rabies, Bordatella shots. They will be micro-chipped, they will be heart-worm tested, ehrlichia tested, have a fecal done, be de-wormed, be spayed/neutered, and will be current on their heart-worm and flea/tick prevention. They will also come with all their vet records, a collar and our PPFT tag.

Puppies will have received two sets of puppy shots, two sets of worming, and their bordatella shot. If old enough, they will have also had their rabies. They will be micro-chipped, and will be started on flea/tick and heart-worm prevention. They will also come with all their vet records and a collar with our rescue tag. Their fee also includes their spay/neuter.
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  • When adopting a rescue dog, we can only go off the information that was provided by their foster home. Sometimes, when the dog enters a new environment it may show a different behavior than it did in its foster. This is often the "adjustment period". It takes time for your new dog, along with any of your current pets to get used to each other. A day is not even close to being able to determine if it is going to work out or not. Everyone needs time to feel settled and get into a set routine, please remember that your new dog probably has been passed around from home to home prior to coming into our rescue. Some just need some time before feeling at home. We try our hardest to make sure we are adopting the dog home to a family that fits its needs, as well as making sure the dog is a good fit for its new family.

    Sometimes adopting a rescue dog takes a little work, if you are looking for the perfect dog it just does not exist. We understand in some situations it is just not possible to keep working with your new dog, however most of the returns we get could have been avoided had the adopters just hung on a little longer and gave everyone a proper chance to adjust to one another.
  • Are you looking for a dog to watch over your livestock and/or poultry?
    If not, do you still have livestock and/or poultry that the dog MUST be good with?
  • ****ATTENTION****

    This is the part we send on to the dog of interest's foster so PLEASE be very detailed in what you are looking for in your new dog and what your activity/lifestyle is like. Remember, you may not be the only person applying for him/her. An example of what we mean is listed below.

    Ex: "We are a young couple looking for another dog to join our family! We currently have a 1.5 year old male golden retriever/ Great Pyrenees named Ari. Ari has a balanced playful/calm attitude and would love a dog to match his energy! We are looking for a young pup preferably under a year that would eventually enjoy public outings to dog parks and going on walks around town. We will have someone home full time with the new dog to be sure they feel comfortable in our home and so our current dog can adjust to the new pup! We are willing to continue or begin training so we wouldn’t need them to be fully potty trained before coming to us as we were very successful in training our current dog Ari. Overall we are hoping for a playful puppy to join us on our adventures!" *
  • When do you plan on crating your new dog?
    Roughly, how many hours will your new dog be in a crate?
  • Are you willing to work with a dog that has food aggression? Such as feeding it separately from your other pets and/or always monitoring during feeding/treat time?
    Are you prepared that your new dog may be a big barker?
    Are you prepared that your new dog may be a digger?
    Are you prepared to puppy-proof your house in the case your dog is a chewer?
    Are you prepared for the possibility that your new dog may have separation anxiety?
    Will you commit to working with a trainer should any issues arise that you cannot handle on your own?
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  • Kids&Dogs (Please put NA if you do not have children in the home)

  • Are you prepared for the possibility that your new dog may growl or snap at your child?
    Would you hire a trainer if issues were to arise?
    Should issues arise between your kids and new dog, how long are you prepared to work with your new dog and kids to help everyone adjust?
    Do you plan on letting your child climb around on the dog?
    Are you prepared to always watch interactions between your new dog and child?
  • Yard Questions

  • Do you have a fully enclosed physical fence in place for your new dog?
    If so, is the fence attached to the house to allow easy access?
    What kind of fencing do you have?
    How tall is your fencing?
    Do you plan on ever leaving your new dog in the yard for an extended amount of time unsupervised?
    Do you have a doggie door?
  • NO FENCING-We go case by case on this. Please be as detailed as possible with the questions below if you do NOT have a fence.

    Please put NA if you DO have a fenced in yard.

  • Since you do not have a fenced yard, please explain how you plan on exercising your new dog?
    Will the dog ever be allowed to free roam your property without supervision?
    What is the plan should the weather be bad, such as snowing, below freezing temps, storming, etc and your dog needs to potty?
    If your new dog does not want to potty on the leash(which is more common than you would think), how do you plan on working through this?