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MUN Botanical Garden offers a variety of education programs designed to enrich the Newfoundland science curriculum. For more information on these programs please visit our website:
  • Program Information:

    - Offered between May and November
    - Mainly take place outside
    - Suitable clothing and footwear is necessary
    - Days: Monday - Friday
    - Group size: 60 students maximum
  • Curriculum-Based Classes


    Grade 1: It's Alive!
    What is a living thing, and what makes living things different from each other? Students will tour our trails and Garden discussing physical characteristics of plants and animals, how they meet their needs, and how they help humans meet their needs.
    Based on Unit 4: Characteristics of Living Things

    Grade 2: Animal Adventurers.
    Join us as we explore the life cycles, physical attributes and growth and changes of our creepy crawly friends! Students will even get a chance to look at some specimens up close under our microscopes.
    Based on Unit 4: Animal Growth and Changes

    Grade 3: Fun with Flora.
    What better place to learn about the wonderful world of Plants than MUN Botanical Garden? We will learn all about plant anatomy, plant life cycles and what plants need to grow and thrive. Two green thumbs up!
    Based on Unit 4: Plant Growth and Changes

    Grade 4: Hometown Habitats.
    Come explore the habitats in our own backyard! We will take a walk through the various habitats at the MUN Botanical Garden observing the flora and fauna that reside there, and play interactive games about habitats and food chains.
    Based on Unit 4: Habitats and Communities
  • If you are booking for a Grade other than Grade 1-4, please contact our Education team at or (709) 864-8590.
  • Program Options:

    1.5-hour Program | Cost: $5.00 per student
    Content varies by grade curriculum.

    Half-Day Program | Cost: $8.00 per student | program is 3 hours.
    1.5-hour curriculum-based program, 1 hour of supplemental activities, and time for students to eat their recess snacks (30 mins). Snacks are brought by the students and will be eaten outdoors.

    Full-Day Program* | Cost: $10.00 per student | program is 5 hours.
    1.5-hour curriculum-based program, 2 hours of supplemental activities, and time for students to eat their recess snacks (30 mins) and lunches (1 hour). Snacks and lunches are brought by the students and will be eaten outdoors.
  • There are no taxes or charges for leaders and helpers. Payment can be made on the day of the visit/outreach, or we can invoice the school.
  • We will do our best to accommodate one of your preferred dates.
  • Please keep in mind program length. We can be flexible with 1/2 day program time.
  • Supplemental Activity Options

    We offer 30-minute or one-hour supplemental activities to add to our curriculum-based classes.

    If you would like to book a Half-Day Program, you may pick two 30-minute activities or one 1-hour activity to add to your curriculum-based class (total supplemental activity time must equal 1 hour).

    If you would like to book a Full-Day Program, you may pick four 30-minute activities, two 30-minute and one 1-hour activities, or two 1-hour activities (total supplemental activity time must equal 2 hours).
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