School Program Request
MUN Botanical Garden offers a variety of education programs designed to enrich the Newfoundland science curriculum. For more information on these programs please visit our website:
  • Program Information:

    - Offered between May and November
    - Include a classroom component, but mainly take place outside
    - Suitable clothing and footwear is necessary
    - Days: Monday - Thursday
    - Group size: We can host between 1-3 classes at a time depending on the requested date and program
  • Program Options:

    1.5hr Program
    - 30 minutes in the classroom (max)
    - 1hr outside (minimum) to see the garden, pond, and short section of the trail
    - Offered morning and afternoon
    - Cost $3/student

    1/2 Day Morning Program (~3hr program from 9am-12noon)
    - Garden and pond visit
    - Indoor classroom instruction
    - Nature hike
    - Hands on activity
    - Cost 5$/student
  • There are no taxes or charges for leaders and helpers. Payment can be made on the day of the visit/outreach, or we can invoice the school.
  • We will do our best to accommodate one of your preferred dates.
  • Please keep in mind program length. We can be flexible with 1/2 day program time.
  • We will be happy to customize a program for your group, or you may choose from the list of options on our website here:
  • The duck feed contains:
    cracked corn, wheat and barley
    It is processed in a facility that DOES NOT process nuts. Because it is animal feed it is not listed for human consumption and does not have to be handled safely, and labeled to avoid allergies. The feed can be dusty, and on a windy day when it is thrown out to the ducks it can blow back towards the visiting group.
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For More Information:
Please go to our website
or contact us at:
(709) 864-8590