Volunteer Agreement 2021
  • Code of Conduct

    I Will
    * Be on time and ready for work for all shifts assigned to work.
    * Work to the best of my ability at every shift
    * Contact Pure Energy Dance within 24 hours of a scheduled shift to report any absence or illness, and find a replacement whenever possible.
    * Upon returning to volunteering from a medical related injury or illness, provide a note from my doctor to PEDF indicating that I am fit to return to volunteer duties.
    * Be polite, courteous and respectful to my fellow volunteers and leads.
    * Attend all events in appropriate dress and standards set by the Flames organization.
    * Work any position assigned to me by the Lead or Chair of the event.
    * Follow rules set by Pure Energy Dance, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) or bingo hall, including parking rules.
    * Be double vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination to Calgary Sports and Entertainment.
    * Complete all required training courses required by Calgary Sports and Entertainment. For volunteers over 18: ensure to complete the AGLC Proserve Training (Smart Alcohol Sales and Services Standards) and carry my certificate with me at all CSEC events.
    * Represent Pure Energy Dance Foundation in a respectful, helpful manner, being positive in spirit, attitude and behavior. This includes customers, fellow volunteers, staff members, leads and supervisors.
    *Discuss any volunteer-related problem with the Fundraising Coordinator or the Executive in a private meeting, and not at the venue or with other volunteers.
  • I will not:

    * Gossip, write, or otherwise communicate negatively about others, myself or the studio in or outside of volunteer assignments. This includes any area related to work assignments, duties, performance issues, etc. on any social media platform.
    * Bully, gossip about, or isolate other volunteers.
    * Use my cell phone during the assigned shifts, unless previously approved by your lead / supervisor on an emergency basis.
    *Discuss any volunteer-related problems during my shift or at the venue or with other volunteers while working.
    * Gamble when working a bingo or casino. This includes playing players cards.
  • I Understand

    * Volunteering for PEDF is a privilege. Misuse, abuse or negative behavior could result in the loss of this privilege.
    * Any Volunteer posting any comments on social media or demonstrating any behaviors that do not uphold the Code of Ethics will be held to account. A meeting with the volunteer and Executive will be held to address any and all issues that may arise.
    * Should my cash be short $10 or more I will be notified. 2nd offense will require a meeting with the fundraising director and a 3rd offense may result in being banned from volunteer activities that require cash handling. Volunteers can be held responsible for paying any shortage back.
    * That there is a zero tolerance behavior policy at PEDF. Volunteers behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the venue. The volunteer agrees to refrain from illegal and non-prescription drugs, steroids, or any other substance, as well as consumption of alchool and use of tobacco.
    * That if I should be up to 15 minutes late for a bingo, a late fee of $10 will be deducted from my voucher.
    * That if I should be more than 15 minutes late for a bingo shift it will be considered a no show, and I will be fined $50.00 and removed from similar events for 30 days.
    * That if I should be up to 15 minutes late for a CSEC events I will be deducted $10 from my payment.
    * That if I should be more than 15 minutes late for a CSEC event it will be considered a no show, and I will be fined $50 and removed from CSEC events for 30 days.
    * That after 3 no shows, my privilege for working bingos or CSEC events will be removed for the remainder of the dance season (September 1 - August 31).
    * That any fines issued to the studio due to my negligence will be invoiced to my account.
    * That I am responsible for all actions of any volunteer that I send to a volunteer at any event.
    * That fundraising dollars do not belong to me and that should there be a credit in my account when my dancer withdraws from PEDF, all fundraising dollars will be donated to the studio scholarship program.
  • I accept this "Code of Conduct" and agree to conduct myself according to the principles and regulations of PEDF, I realize that I may be removed from any volunteering event for failure to comply.

    Reasons for Termination: The volunteer will be given a verbal warning by the Lead or Chair if not abiding by the above agreement. If at this point the volunteer does not abide by one or more of the above rules, she / he will be requested to meet with the Executive at a private meting and the discussion will be documented. The third infraction will result in the volunteer being removed from all volunteering opportunities. Reason for immediate dismissal: 1) Poor Attendance. 2) Behavior that causes physical or emotional harm to others or self. 3) Visible disrespect towards others or self. 4) Smoking, drinking or use of other illegal substance during any PEDF sponsored event.

    I have read and understand the Pure Energy Dance Foundation Code of Contact and Volunteer Expectations.
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