2018 So. Cal. Catch Player Application
Please fill out this application in its entirety and to the best of your ability. Please be as thorough and honest as possible in your responses. Honesty is valued over you writing what you think we want to hear.


The So. Cal. Catch will present the opportunity for players to compete at the highest level of collegiate baseball while growing in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Catch players will discover what it means to play with Christ on the field and live with Him off of the field.

    The Catch expect the highest level of commitment and buy in to our mission for the summer. While we understand everyone is at a different spot in their faith and comes from different backgrounds, the following are certain expectations Catch players agree to comply with during the season.

    1. Committing to learning about Christ and discovering what it means to follow Him.
    2. Committing to abstain from sexual activity, drugs, alcohol, and all tobacco use including chewing.
    3. Committing to representing Christ in a sportsmanlike manner through language and attitude.
    4. Agreeing to participate in ALL team functions, which will include daily team Bible studies, team meals, camps and community service opportunities.

    Our staff and coaches do not expect anyone to be perfect in these areas and we will grow in them over the summer. The most important thing is your willingness to humble yourself and buy in to the discipleship process.

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  • Ex. @socalfcabaseball

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  • Please upload your baseball profile picture or a picture of you with your team hat. Please consider lighting and backdrop. To be used on our website. (pdf, jpg, png, or gif files)

    I encourage you to be honest in your responses to these questions. Your honesty matters much more to our organization than you telling us what you think we want to hear.


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  • (i.e. Caucasian, African American, Hispanic)
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    One you have completed this application you will receive links to the reference forms via email.

    You will need 2 letters of reference (1 personal and 1 minister/mentor).
    You must also have 1 coaches evaluation to complete the application process.

    Please list those references below:
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