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Reminiscing Rasulullah SAW:
An Online Family Mawlid Festival


Our Programmes

Take your pick of our exclusively online programmes to Reminisce Rasulullah SAW for the whole family!

1. Wives of Rasulullah SAW: Lessons on Marriage

Date and Time: 23 Oct 2021, Saturday, 2pm to 3.30pm.
Speaker: Sis Faiza Sanip
Fee: Free; donations are welcomed.

Rasulullah SAW was the best of husbands, and his wives were the Mothers of the Believers. They were also his domestic partners, with different personalities, different roles that they played in his lives, and their own different strengths and weaknesses.

What can we learn from Rasulullah’s wives in how they experienced their marriages?

May this be a blessed session in enriching our families and our community through appreciating the lives of Rasulullah SAW and his wives.


2. Rasulullah SAW and His Sahabah: What We Can Learn on Friendships

Date and Time: 23 Oct 2021, Saturday, 8pm to 9.30pm.
Speakers: Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman & Ustaz Raja Lutfil Hadi Raja Muzaffar Shah
Fee: Free; donations are welcomed.

For many of us, our friends are an indispensable part of our lives. We can have different personalities and complement each other. Reflecting on sirah, this was reflected in Rasulullah SAW and his Companions as well. So, how do we choose our friends, and how do we treat them? Let's peek into stories of Rasulullah SAW and his Sahabah!

3. What We Can Learn from Rasulullah SAW on Leadership (in Malay)

Date and Time: 24 Oct 2021, Sunday, 11am to 12.30pm.
Speakers: Ustaz Dr Muhammad Haniff Hassan
Fee: Free; donations are welcomed.

We know Rasulullah SAW as a prophet, a father, a husband, a friend. He was also a community and political leader, besides a religious leader.

What insights can the life of the Prophet SAW provide on leadership? What kind of leadership style did he have in being a leader of a small, almost secretive community in Makkah, and how does the change in community change his leadership style? What characteristics of Rasulullah are important in being a good leader?


4. Storytelling + Craft Session for Our Little Khalifahs: Who is Rasulullah SAW?

Date and Time: 24 Oct 2021, Sunday, 2pm to 3.30pm.
Facilitators: Teachers from Iyad Perdaus
a. $20 for a slot with the book "My First Book About Prophet Muhammad" (SOLD OUT)
b. $10 for a slot without the book

Slots are highly limited. Deadline is 20 Oct 2021 or while slots last.



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About This Project and Its Proceeds

Reminiscing Rasulullah SAW: An Online Family Mawlid Festival, is aimed to introduce our Prophet Muhammad SAW to the newer generations of our community, with the occasion of his birth as a wonderful opportunity. Mawlid programmes abound, and we hope our small offerings will be part of the greater commemoration of our love for Rasulullah SAW.

Perdaus - being a voluntary welfare organisation - our main source of revenue is from the fees from our programmes and the occasional generous donation from individuals.

Proceeds from this drive will be channeled towards Perdaus' fundraising and donation campaigns.

We seek your generosity for the success of this fundraising drive to ensure that we will be able to carry on our mission in nurturing future leaders in the community.

Do share and spread this campaign around with your family members and friends, by referring them to our Facebook page at or our Instagram at @perdaussg.

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