Community Contributor
As with everything we do as a company, our intention is to support the development of the best of British talent being able to create original IP, gain experience and make their mark in the industry. We expect all those we help to be willing to support us in our endeavours to increase the likelihood of success for those coming up through the ranks.

Our Community Contributor initiative is designed to bring together the pool of UK Games Talent and UK Games Fund contacts with the industry experts we have enlisted as UKGTF contacts. Growing our network of Community Contributors is central to our community-building process.

Contributors are people who’ve been supported by the UK Games Fund, and people who support the overarching aims of our project.
  • Contact Details

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  • Please provide a link to your linked in profile
  • Which regional cluster do you identify with? Or closest city if you don't have a cluster.
  • About You

    Please provide information about yourself. Including areas you are interested in, skills and experience and anything else you feel necessary to the Community Contributor role
  • Does not apply 1-2 years Experience 3-5 years Expereince 5 years + Experience
    I have competed in student competitions and have ranked in the top 3 selected teams
    I am an experienced games developer (hands-on programming / art / audio etc)
    My roles in the games development industry have required me to pick winners on behalf of my employers
    My roles in the games development industry have required me to support and advise student teams / earlier stage start up companies
    My previous roles have required me to develop strategies for the commercialisation of games
    My previous roles have involved me in senior leadership in games development or publishing
    My previous roles have involved me in making decisions regarding the awarding of production finance advances to other companies
    My previous roles have involved me in making private capital investment in games development companies
    My previous roles have involved me in advancing public funding to games developers
    My previous roles have involved me delivering learning events for the games development industry
  • 1)
    Please list up to 3 specialisms that you feel you have experience with (e.g. VR, tools or game engine development, monetisation, publishing and distribution, marketing, international markets, funding or investment, games for education or other non-entertainment applications, etc).