This is an application for consideration to join our NFL ON FOX: MADDEN 20 ONLINE FRANCHISE. By filling out an application is not a guarantee of admittance, and only those who are deemed a good fit will be selected. The selection process is done solely for the betterment of the league; thank you for your time and understanding!
  • Please choose your closest age range and remember to be honest. There is no judgement here as we are all older gamers here.
  • Please provide your PSN name here.
  • Please provide a working email so if needed we can contact you through email or the PlayStation Network.
  • We recommend that you be hardwired for this online franchise.
  • *What is your definition of FAIR PLAY and what it means to you?

    *How long have you played Madden/been a fan of football?

    *What brought you to this league?

    *Why should you be given a team?

    Be honest, and don't worry about impressing me!
  • There is no right or wrong answer here. I am just curious to see how many of you have upgraded graphically.
  • In this NFL ON FOX: ONLINE FRANCHISE all teams are assigned by your current city you live in. (Geographically)

    * If the owner lives in a location that does not have a team the next closest team will be given to them.

    * If your city's team is already taken then the next closest team to your location will be given to you.

    * I will sometimes honor and grant a life long fan of a team if that teams available regardless of there location, but this is a case by case decision.
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