NCHN Business Partnership Program Application
NCHN is seeking Business Partners to assist us in our mission of supporting and strengthening health networks. These select partners will provide services and/or products relevant to health networks and their members. NCHN looks to engage the partners in a yearlong educational and marketing program at the national level.

    Annual Fee: $3,500

    1. As a Business Partner, you will enjoy category exclusivity.
    2. If a Business Partner offers more than one product/service, Business Partner must identify which product/service they are requesting exclusivity. Each Business Partner will be approved for exclusivity on one product/service.

    NCHN Partner Subscription:
    1. Subscription to the monthly NCHN e-News
    2. Discounted rates for NCHN activities
    3. Discounted subscription rate for NCHN’s interactive online community platform

    Education & Marketing:
    1. One E-blast to all NCHN members featuring Partner’s value proposition to members
    2. Twelve months listing on NCHN’s website with link to Partner’s website or microsite
    3. Four Premium ads in NCHN’s monthly eNews with link to Partner’s website or microsite
    4. One Educational Webinar
    ~ Invitations sent to all NCHN members
    ~ Registration report
    ~ Attendee report
    ~ Webinars may be recorded and a link to the recording can be posted on NCHN’s website throughout the contract term or up to 365 days

    NCHN Annual Educational Conference
    1. Conference registration fees waived for two Business Partner exhibitor representatives
    2. Discounted registration fees for additional Business Partner exhibitor representatives
    3. Business Partner’s Logo displayed on the Conference website & event app
    4. Two push notifications made on the event app during the conference
    5. NCHN introduction of Business Partner/representatives to attendees one time during the conference
    ~ Includes opportunity for representative to briefly speak to attendees (3 min. max)

    Please complete all fields below to apply to be an NCHN Business Partner
  • (Email address for the contact person listed above)