2021 Triangle Show Series Membership Form
In order to receive points towards end of year awards, you must have a completed membership form on file. Members will only accrue points after they have paid their dues and the proper rider/horse is registered with the association.

If possible to ensure information for year-end points, please complete the Membership form on the Triangle Show Series website.

Please note that by submitting this form, you acknowledge that you understand horseback riding is a dangerous sport and serious injury and disability and/or death may result from accidents while riding. You acknowledge the risk you undertake for yourself and/or your minor child while riding. You do so voluntarily and agree to release the Triangle Series, the host farm, its trainers, and its agents, servants and employees from any claims you may have resulting from injury to you or to your minor child at the show. In the event you allow your minor child to ride, you also assume the risk of injury, disability or death of your said child.
  • Family memberships are open to members of a family living at the same address.
  • Please note that a SEPARATE MEMBERSHIP FORM MUST be filled out for EACH rider in the family
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  • Please provide an email address for last minute and weather related changes and/or cancellations
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