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  • Enter any Songs that you would like us to have played at your event. Please NOTE: We can NOT play songs or copy songs directly from due to piracy laws.
  • Enter any extra information about your event that we may need to know or should know. Like if you would like games, announcements, or special requests.
  • If we are doing your ceremony, please list those details above. (ie. Time Line, Ceremony Songs, how there ceremony is going to go) otherwise leave blank.
  • What type of music? How Long? Time Lines? Speeches? If "YES: By Whom?
  • Please let us know if a guest has a sensitivity to strobe lights. If you know of someone, we will not include strobe lights in the performance.
  • ONLY include this if your event is OVER 4 HOURS. for events 4 Hours and under, the DJs will eat BEFORE they arrive.

    Your Music selections and Timeline details need to be in 10 days BEFORE your event date. This allows the DJ to appropriately prepare for your event. Per your contract with us, we and the DJ, can not be held accountable for details he does not know, and details not incorporated that are submitted AFTER the 10 day deadline. You further agree any details submitted after the 10 day deadline may not be noted or incorporated into your event. ANY details submitted within TWO DAYS of your event will NOT make it to the DJ and will not be incorporated. The 10 day deadline is in place so that you have a fully informed DJ and your event goes smooth. The DJ will do his/her best on the day of your event to work with you based on the information you submitted before the 10 day deadline. If no details are submitted, please understand that there may be delays, unobtained music, and items/details that may not get incorporated and we can not be held responsible if you do not meet the guidelines above.
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