Have You Heard of Kratom? Here Is What You Should

If you are a party goer or a person who likes enjoying a good time with friends, you probably know about Kratom, a popular recreational drug that party lovers don’t seem to get enough of. You probably know about its origin and how it looks like. However, like most people, what you probably don’t know much about are its effects and the dosage. We have listed its effects below and have come up with a time-tested Kratom dosage guide that will help you take your Kratom safely and effectively.

Physical Effects

Pain relief- There are studies that show that Kratom produces analgesic effects, which helps relieve pain. The drug also offers intense physical comfort and warmth.

Cough suppression- There are certain chemicals found in Kratom that helps a user fight or prevent coughs.

Sexual enhancement- Numerous studies indicate that Kratom helps men enhance their sexual performance. There are several compounds found in Kratom that give a user extra energy, which helps transform one from a weak lover into a beast in bed.

Cognitive Effects

Increased focus- Kratom also helps increase focus. Unlike other focus enhancement drugs, Kratom does not force alertness. The drug helps users focus more by suppressing psychological noises. This makes user ignore negative thoughts and mood busters and focus on the most important things.

Anxiety suppression- Can’t control your anxiety? Well, you need to start taking Kratom. For years now, the drug has been used as an anxiolytic substance by people who suffer from anxiety, mood swings, and depression. You should try it. The good thing about this drug is that it helps you deal with your problem without the fear of adverse side effects.

Wondering About Dosage?

It is important that you ensure you take this drug on an empty stomach. Why? Well, we are not saying that taking Kratom on a full smooth is dangerous. No! You can as well take it on a full stomach without any tangible risk. However, this could lead to wastage since you will require a higher dose to achieve the simulation you are looking for, and that is why we encourage you to take it on an empty stomach. You should also make sure you are hydrated. Here is a Kratom dosage guideline.

Step 1- If you are beginner takes 1 or 2 grams. If you tend to be sensitive to drugs, start with 0.5 grams. You will start to feel something after 25 minutes or so.

Step 2- After 30- 45 you should start enjoying the experience. How does it feel? If you have not achieved the desired feeling, you can take another 1 gram.

Step 3- Assess how you feel after 20 -30 minutes. If you are using quality Kratom, you should attain the feeling you are looking for.

Step 4- If you think you need some more, you can take another 0.5 grams.

Step 5- By this point, you are already feeling something and enjoying it. Don’t take another! Make sure you ride it out for the next 4 or 5 hours. If you need more after 4-5 hours, repeat this process.

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