News/Announcement Submission Form
For news and announcements, please follow the basic guidelines below:

    ● Please add compelling title for news or announcements
    ● Please keep the information concise

    News: one to two paragraph overview

    Announcements: one to two sentence overview of the announcement including Organizer/Organization, Date, Time, Location, Contact Person

    ● When submitting news, address the following basic criteria of news reporting: Who, What, Where, Why, When and How.
    ● Images of news/announcements (headshot, images of site, flyer, etc.)
    please include images in JPEG or PNG format so it can be posted on social media platforms.

    For news and announcements, the Dean's Office has the right to confirm and/or edit content for sharing.
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  • Select if news/announcement is for faculty/staff, students, and/or alumni