D&I CFP scholarship
This scholarship will provide a reimbursement for the CFP exam fee or taking a CFP live review course (capped at $1,000).

Eligibility Requirements
• Must be a U.S. resident;
• Must possess or will possess an undergraduate degree;
• Must be enrolled in a CFP Board-Registered Certificate Program, or a prospective candidate who will matriculate in a CFP Board-Registered Certificate Program within 6 months;
• Must be from an underrepresented population within the financial planning profession in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.
• Demonstrated commitment to the financial planning profession, as explained in an essay to be submitted during the application process;

Answer the following questions in your own words. This can be in written or video format (preferred). If written, limit each response to 250 words. If in video format, submit in a reasonable format (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Max time for all questions is 8 minutes total or roughly 2 minutes per questions – it is fine to go shorter or longer as long as total video time is 8 minutes or less.