JVA Club of the Month
Any JVA member club staff, coach, or parent is eligible to nominate a club for the award. The club must be a current member of the JVA. There is no requirement on the number of teams or the number of years the club has been in existence.

We are looking for clubs that have demonstrated (does not have to include all of the following, these are examples, not criteria)

Creative ideas in programming, marketing efforts, etc., growth in the number of teams and/or program participation this season
Growth by adding a new program, expansion into other cities and states throughout the country
Running programs for underserved populations (anything besides junior girls 11-18) – low income, boys, disabled, outdoor, adults, etc., Support of the mission of JVA by providing resources and education to junior programs, just to name a few.

Club photos and other links/articles are also encouraged.

Nominations must be received by the 20th of each month.

Selection Process:
The JVA Awards Committee will review nominations and select one winning club each month. The winner will be notified prior to the official release. If your club is not selected, your nomination will carry over to the next month for another chance to win.

The COTM will receive a certificate, $50 off the club director's membership renewal, and a gift card. Also, the COTM will be featured in an article in the JVA blog, monthly edition of VolleyBiz, and recognition on JVA's website, and social media.