Survival Systems USA Risk Analysis
Evaluate your over-water risk and receive recommended action steps. When completing the form, consider each individual aircraft and flight instead of normal operations as a whole.
  • No Only a Few Flights Most Flights
    Do you take-off, land, approach, or hover over water?
    Do you routinely operate over water?
    Considering load, altitude, and weather do you operate outside of glide or auto rotational distance from land?
    Do you operate amphibious aircraft or have emergency floats?
    Do you fly over mountainous, wooded terrain, or metropolitan areas? (amphibious aircraft excluded)
    Are you operating in remote areas where rescue resources are more than 1 hour away?
    Do you conduct firefighting ops?
    Do you operate internationally?
    Do you operate single engine?
    Do you operate without life-raft or life-vest?
  • - -
  • Please include the type of aircraft operated