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  • Please insert your event name and GC code
  • A single date in the following format: day / month / year or day/ month / year TO day / month / year
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    Please note: Delivery can take up to 5 days so we endeavour to dispatch the Event box 5 days prior to your event. If this is not possible we will contact you to arrange an alternative delivery schedule
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    Please note: Return delivery can take up to 5 days so please bear this in mind when returning the Event box.
  • I agree to cover the cost of both delivery and return of the event box. (I will be invoice for delivery prior to the box being dispatched). An insurance of a of £60 must be added to the box to cover any courier damage.
  • I will be collecting in person from NE Geocaching Supplies. Please add date and time - we will confirm.
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