We want you be able to take advantage of the money you have invested in classes, so we try to be as flexible as possible with our make up policy. This is a courtesy that we offer when circumstances allow and is not guaranteed.

1. Dance classes must be made up in a dance class. Aerial classes may be made up in an aerial or dance class.

2. Class must be age appropriate.

3. We will only take one child in a full class.

4. Makeups cannot be rescheduled. If you miss the make up we cannot reschedule it.

5. Make ups must be finished within the session that you are in and cannot be extended into the next session.

6. Make ups can not be scheduled on the last week of the sessions if there are presentations in class.

7. You can not sign up for make ups before your session starts.

We highly advise you schedule make ups as your absences occur. It is much more difficult to find space at the end of the session when everyone is trying to schedule their make-ups.
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