NSFL Social Media Volunteer Application
WANTED: The Naval Services FamilyLine Social Media/Web Director is putting together a team of volunteers to assist with updating one or more of the NSFL Social Media Accounts or website. Candidates must be self-motivated with great computer skills and an understanding of one or more of the following: Web Design, Google Analytics, Google Documents, Youtube, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wix, and Trello. Graphic Design experience a plus!

Reliable internet connection.
Desktop or laptop computer.
Facebook account.
Gmail account.
Candidates must be willing to dedicate 3-6 hours a week.
Must have volunteered with Naval Services FamilyLine or one of its programs for at least 1 year.
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  • No Experience / No Interest No Experience / Willing To Learn Beginner - I have an account and can log in. Advanced - I know how to use several features. Expert - I know how to use all features.
    Facebook Business Page
    Facebook Group
    Youtube Channel
    Personal Blog
    Professional Blog
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