Call for Proposals: Congress 2023
  • Session topic and format:

  • To help CHRA align and coordinate panelists based on topic/focus area of presentation.
  • Proposed Speaker(s):

    Three or more speakers from different organizations may be brought together at each of the concurrent sessions in order to encourage a diversity of perspectives on a topic.

    Please indicate who from your organization will be making the presentation. *One speaker per organization is preferred on each panel.

    You may also add suggestions for additional speakers on the topic external to your organization, which, CHRA will take under advisement.
  • Proposed Moderator/Facilitator (if applicable):

    Please suggest (if applicable) a potential session moderator or facilitator who could bring a depth of experience and leadership to the panel. CHRA will take this under advisement.
  • All concurrent workshop sessions are 1.5 hours in length. Depending on final number of panelists, presentation length per panelist may vary from 20-40 minutes approx.
  • Early Career Professional (ECP) submissions will be evaluated alongside all other submissions, and may be integrated into the overall Congress program or within a focused ECP workshop or panel.
  • Thank you for your time and interest in putting forward a proposal for Congress 2021.

    CHRA will be making a decision by the end of 2020 regarding whether Congress 2021 will take place in-person or virtually. Depending on that decision, there may be changes to approved sessions in regards to format, numbers, and timing.