Supplemental Instruction Midterm Assessment
Tell us about your experience utilizing Supplemental Instruction through
The Learning Center in Lee Hall.

These surveys are confidential and are used solely for the purpose of improving the services provided by the Academic Success Center.
  • SI ASSESSMENT (Required)


  • Poor Fair Average Good Great
    SI Leader Subject Knowledge (consistent with class material, knowledgeable, etc)
    Organization of SI Session (preparedness, structure, etc)
    SI Leader Professionalism (conduct, behavior, etc)
    SI Effectiveness (enhanced learning, teaching strategies, etc)
    Communication (updates, feedback in timely manner)
  • Lack of subject knowledge, tutor was late/unprepared, unprofessional conduct, etc...

  • We are always working to gather useful feedback from students that use our services.

    If you are okay with our office contacting you regarding additional information and feedback, please fill in your ULID.

    We will not fill your email with junk/spam, this will be used for our own research and evaluation purposes only.

    Thank you,

    Matthew Mattox
    Coordinator - The Learning Center
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