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  • I am submitting payment, to be applied to the account of the above Travelers, for whom, as Primary Traveler, I am able to dictate dates, cost and details of the applicable reservation described below.
  • Things like: Bedding Requests/Special Needs/Allergies or important details, etc.
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    This is the date the cruiseship is scheduled to depart, or the date of first night of resort reservation.
  • This is the Total Package Quote or estimate of charges, which includes anticipated payments to be prorated to various suppliers; such as airlines, hotel, cruiseline, resorts, insurance, excursions and guest services-as dictated in the Quoted Example: Cruise $3200, Insurance $240, hotel $150.
    Travel Package. Each identified charge will be confirmed by paid receipt or updated Invoice. This amount subject to change with any additions/removal of travel activities and will be confirmed by email.


    Terms & Conditions:
    As Primary Traveler On Reservation and on behalf of all guests on reservation: I understand this is a disclosure of business practices and permissive credit/debit card payment agreement for the "Coordination of Travel Services". I agree that payments may be made direct to travel Suppliers, on my behalf, by Cruisy Susie/CruiseOne Franchisee or direct to franchise payment processing account when warranted; paid in prorated amounts not to exceed the sum total of approved charges.

    FEES: I am aware there are potential Cancellation, Refund and Surcharge Policies and Fees by Travel Suppliers I understand that Cruisy Susie/CruiseOne Franchisee will impose the following charges as applicable:1.) Agency Cancellation Fees: ALL confirmed reservations may be subject to cancellation fee of $75 per adult 2) Reservation Change Fee after confirmation review: Changes in traveling guests, travel dates, flight schedule or major component will be assessed a $100 Change Fee, excluding minor corrections 3.) Booking Transfer Request will assess a Service Fees of $100 per adult. Above fees will be applied to the provided credit card account below, as a separate transaction, prior to release of any refundable funds held by Suppliers.

    CruiseOne agency will not be held liable for associated costs due to inaccurate information provided. Cruisy Susie/CruiseOne Franchisee will not release personal information to ANY parties not listed below, unless provided in writing as an Emergency Contact and will apply due diligence in maintaining records in a secured, safe location.

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  • Secured Credit Card Information retained for duration of this transaction only.
    Protected in vault Data collected via fields that have our security seal are encrypted and stored with the highest global security standard — PCI compliance. Your data is absolutely safe in Vault.
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    Included above should be Required Deposit as found in the provided quote or email. This amount is included in Total Package Quote provided in Email. You MUST pay the balance in full prior to Final Due Date or if booking within 90 Days of Traveling or as noted on Specific Reservation.
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    Insurance Cost is found in your provided quote or email. Travel Protection Plan premiums are due at time of deposited reservation to ensure maximum coverage of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. Insurance Premiums are generally not refundable, with few exceptions to terms of cancellations. Insurance may be added later, with limited coverage for pre-existing coverage. As of 03/15/2020, Leisure Care insurance policies will include COVID 19 related cancellations, in travel illness or travel interruptions; however restrictions may apply.
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