St. John Paul II Parish - Event Publicity Form
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    Articles will be placed in the bulletin no more than 4 weeks before event.

    Week 1) A "Save the Date" with minimum information
    Week 2) Continue with "Save the Date" with a little more information
    Week 3) Full information
    Week 4) Full information

    Text you would like to be used for posting on Facebook:

    Text you would like to be used for posting on Twitter:
  • Depending on event and parish activity, your social media posting may occur more than what is requested.

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  • Social Media is of course a very direct way for everyone to reach their target audiences. We do the best we can to make sure that our social media is used in the most effective way possible. Please know that we may have to adjust content requests based on what we believe to be most suitable for certain social media platforms.
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  • *Please note that for monitors at church & school entrances, parish staff will rotate events being advertised. You are encouraged to provide pictures following event, so they can be shared.