Mortgage Loan Corporation
Uniform Residential Loan Application
  • First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix
    Applicant Name
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  • (Unmarried- Single, Divorced, Widowed, Civil Union, Domestic Partnership, Registered Reciprocal Beneficiary Relationship)
  • Number of Dependents
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  • Current Address

    Please provide your current physical address.
  • Years Months Monthly Payment
    How Long at Current Address?
  • If at current address for less than 2 years

    Please list former address
  • Years Months Monthly Payment
    How Long at Former Address?
  • Current Employment/Self-Employment and Income

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  • Years Months
    How Long in this line of work
  • I am employed by a family member, property seller, real Estate Agent, or another party to this transaction.
  • Column1
    Base / Month
    Overtime / Month
    Commissions / Month
    Military Entitlements/ Month
    TOTAL -
  • If APPLICABLE, Complete Information for Previous Employment/Self-Employment and Income.

    Provide at least 2 years of current and previous employment and income.
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  • Financial Information - Real Estate

    This section asks you to list all the properties you currently own and what you owe on them.
  • $ - Dollar Amount
    Property Value

  • Not Including Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Monthly Rental Income
    For LENDER to Calculate
  • Acount Number Monthly Mortgage Payment Unpaid Balance Type FHA, Conv, USDA- RD, Other Credit Limit If Applicable
    Creditor Name
    Creditor Name