Research Engagement Consultation
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    We recognize that both new researchers and experienced researchers may struggle with challenges such as the logistics of simply getting started, finding support for their efforts (including grants), navigating the approvals needed to conduct their research, networking with other researchers, developing a research agenda, and/or disseminating their findings. Consequently, we offer an individualized consultation service to members of our academic community who want to be more engaged in their own research but may have logistical questions or need some added support.

    Just want to talk about your research? We can do that too!

    After you complete this short in-take form, we will triage your request, and you will be directed to the individual, program, or service that seems to fit your need.

    NOTE: If you are a current student and have found you way to this application, we have many people, services, and programs devoted specifically to supporting you. Please reach out to your academic advisor, your course instructor, your chair, or visit our website: Center for Research Quality
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