Styles Yoga Teacher Training
Please fill out to the best of your ability and knowledge.
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  • Please list your previous yoga experience.
    (How long, which types, trainings/workshops)
  • Why are you interested in this particular training?
  • What do you want to achieve from this training? Where do you see yourself after completing this training?
  • Tell us about your physical health. Do you have any current or past injuries, major illnesses, or physical limitation or conditions?
  • Please describe your current lifestyle practices. (Health practices, exercise practices, beliefs, etc)
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? Please include any training dates you will not be able to attend.
  • I agree to pay the total cost of the tuition as selected above.

    I agree that if I choose to pay via the payment plan that I am responsible for the entire cost of training even if I decide to no longer attend future training weekends. If I drop out of training after weekend one, I am responsible for the entire cost of training regardless.

    All deposits and payments are nonrefundable but are transferable to a future Styles Yoga 200hr Training.
  • I am the individual given above. I confirm that all information provided herein is true, accurate and up to date. Further, I agree that to the extent that there are any changes to the information provided above that may affect my ability to attend the Teacher Training, I shall inform Styles Yoga as soon as possible hereof. In addition, I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to the payment and refund terms.