Cairns Airport Bus Direct to Port Douglas Quote
Use this form if you prefer a quote first (or use our book and pay form in the menu if you know what you need). Complete this form and we'll email a quote with a link to pay. We then email confirmation after payment received :)
  • Ideally please enter **** *** ***. Please include a mobile number contactable at Cairns airport on Australian phone network. If number is outside Australia - please mark as international with country code eg +44
  • Number of adults travelling. (Note: We no longer offer 1 adult one way on this form, however 1A one way is available using the book and pay option in our website menu).
  • Children are 0-15 years.
  • Total number of bags, including carry on, your group will have.
  • Small oversize items $5 per one way: Golf Bag / Fishing Gear / Portable Fridge / Guitar & other small oversize

    Large oversize items $10 per one way: Surfboard / Bike or Bike Bag / Keyboard Piano / Drum & other large oversize

    Please declare so we can ensure space in trailer, and with other passengers on the shuttle service. Shuttles reserve right to refuse loading oversize item(s) if not declared when booking - so please help us by advising oversized items. Thank you.

  • If any oversize please tell us what it is. Note baby prams, strollers and wheelchairs are no charge. We just need to know what the item is so we can allow space.
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    Day / Month / Year
  • This is the ETA of your flight into Cairns. We track flight arrival times so if your flight is running late - we will still meet you.
  • Important: We need your flight number so we can track early or late arrivals. EG JQ958. Enter NIL if single departure from Port Douglas or pickup not from airport.
  • Select NONE if requesting single Port Douglas to Cairns trip only or OTHER if pick up not on list
  • Select NONE if single Port Douglas to Cairns trip or OTHER if drop off point not on list
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    Day / Month / Year
  • This is the time your flight is scheduled to leave Cairns. You will leave Port Douglas approx: 2.5 to 3 hours before departure. The exact time will be confirmed by text to the mobile phone on this booking one day before your departure.
  • Important: We need your flight number EG: JQ949. Please enter the flight number you are leaving on. If your flight is delayed - we alter your pick up time OR enter your hotel name + address in Cairns.
  • Use last on list OTHERS if your pickup is not on list or NONE if your journey is one way to Port Douglas only
  • Use for any notes about your booking request.
  • These are supplied at no extra charge. If you have children - do they need child seats, how many and what type? B = booster, FFR = front facing baby seat, RFR = rear facing baby seat