Form A for DNP Project Ethics Review
Based on the responses you give, this form will skip the sections that do not apply for your project. IMPORTANT: You might lose entered information if you use the "back" button in your browser. Instead, use the "Previous" button at the bottom if you wish to return to a previous screen.
  • This form is the first step of the required ethics approval process for doctoral capstones and all other student/staff research projects that would be linked to Walden University in any way (i.e., published with a Walden affiliation, funded by Walden).

    Your responses to this form will allow the Office of Research Ethics and Compliance (OREC) to determine which ethics form(s), partner approvals, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) review steps your project would require in order to be in compliance with university policies and federal regulations.

    Walden's Office of Research Ethics and Compliance (OREC) is charged with ensuring that every study and doctoral capstone affiliated with the university meets the institution's ethical standards. This includes the protection of human subjects as well as ethical partnerships with sites and appropriate usage of scholarly tools. All doctoral capstones require ethics approval from OREC, even those that might be considered "exempt from IRB oversight" at other institutions.

    After reviewing the applicant’s responses within this form, OREC will send the applicant one of the following:
    (a) confirmation that the university is able to provide ethics approval based on information provided in this form alone (for analysis of public data); or
    (b) a list of the documents and approvals that will be required for ethics approval of the proposed project; or
    (c) a request for more information in order to determine which forms and documentation are needed for ethics approval of the project.

    Directions for doctoral students:
    You may submit this form any time after your chair has uploaded the proposal into the MyDR system for the URR step.

    Students planning to work with a partner site are required to consult with that partner organization and become familiar with that site's internal data collection policies requirements prior to completing this form. Walden will accommodate the site's policies. Here are the key questions to pose to the site:

    i. Would the partner site perceive the data collection as "research" or as being part of the site’s "quality improvement" operations?

    ii. What are the partner site’s internal approval requirements for this type of data collection?

    Important: It is not acceptable to make guesses as to site policies. The student is required to find out the site’s specific data collection approval requirements and disclose the them on this form.

    Please note that ethics approval cannot be finalized until after the proposal is fully approved in the MyDR system. (OREC will be automatically notified when this occurs and will reach out to you right away to ask you to update this form with any minor changes that were made as a result of the proposal approval process).

  • Once you complete this form, you will automatically receive a copy of your responses at this address.
  • Once you complete this form, this person will be automatically emailed a copy of your responses.
  • If you are not a DNP student, you should be using this form instead.
  • Premature submissions cannot be reviewed by the IRB.
  • IMPORTANT: Choosing to use a manual means that your project MAY ONLY include the data collection steps, site agreement, consent form in that specific manual. Absolutely no revisions are permitted to these pre-approved steps/docs. If you need to revise the steps or docs in even the slightest manner, then select "None of the above."

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