Glen Falls House Resort
230 Winter Clove Rd.
Round Top, NY 12473
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  • Reservation Request

    If you would like to make a reservation, complete the following form for each room you would like to request. Please allow 48 hrs for processing. Once processed, you will receive an email notification. You then have 5 days to call with a $100 credit card deposit. Reservations without a deposit will be released after 5 days.
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  • Why do you need this? Helps us in planning onsite activities and allows us to provide you with an accurate rate total.
  • * No charge for cots or cribs
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    Weekends only: May, Jun, Sep & Oct
    Full Weeks Jul & Aug; closed Aug 29 - Sep 1.
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  • Dining & Meals

    Each overnight stay includes three meals. We have a set menu which is served family style. You may view this menu at

    Guests are welcome to bring additional food items which may be left on their table or put in our guest refrigerator. In addition, there is a microwave in the kitchen for guest use.
  • You may arrive for lunch at 12:30pm or dinner at 6pm. Please be advised dinner on Fri during May, Jun, Sep & Oct is at 7pm. All weekend stays start with Fri dinner.
  • Please let us know if you would like to sit with friends, family or if you are part of a large group. We will do our best to seat you together or keep you near by.
  • Children's Dining

    Children age 15yrs and under may request a main dish substitution of a hot dog or chicken fingers (3 to an order) at no charge. If you require this for your arriving meal please let us know the total number of each you will need. Additional substitutions during your stay may be ordered with wait staff 1 meal prior to meal needed.
  • Number of Kids Needing Subsitutions
    # of Hot Dogs
    # of Chicken Finger Orders
  • Special Dietary Requests

    We do provide a vegetarian menu, this option carries a $5 per meal charge. For those who are Vegan this menu will be modified to meet your needs. You may view this menu at

    Please be advised that all no pork and no beef requests will be given the vegetarian option and associated charges will apply. If you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions we will do our best to meet your needs.

    As always guests are welcome to supplement our menu with their own food. Guest refrigerator and microwave available in kitchen.
  • Vegetarian
    Gluten Free
    No Pork
    No Beef
  • Credit cards are taken via phone only. When you call we run your card for $100 per room at that time. We have a two week cancelation policy for deposit refund. Remaining balance to be paid when you arrive, using cash or any credit card you like.
    We DO NOT keep credit card information on file.
  • Issuer (i.e. Living Social, Groupon, Rotary, etc)
    Name on Voucher or Cert
    Voucher Number or Cert Code