2023 WolfpackJr Cheer Registration (Sideline/Fall)
Our primary service area is the Mukilteo & Everett School districts and surrounding areas. To be eligible for for our Jr Cheer program, preferred 1st grade and up. Please contact us with questions.
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  • Primary Parent/Guardian Name & Info

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  • Medical and Emergency Info

  • Consent & Waivers

  • I hereby certify that my child is in good health and may participate in all activities. In case of emergency, I give my permission for my child to be given emergency treatment at any accessible hospital.
  • As the parent (or legal guardian) of the above named minor, I grant permission for the minor to participate in all activities of the sports program. I assume all risk and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from such activities, and do hereby release and waive all claims against Cascade Jr Cheer, Cascade High School, Sponsors, volunteers, agents and other participants.
  • I have been provided with information on concussions in youth sports. If the player is suspected of a Head injury or Concussion, the player will be removed from play. The player will be kept from play until given permission to return to play by a health care provider.

  • I agree images of my child may be used by this Jr. Cheer program in promotional publications, and social media sites.

    -Ensure equal opportunity to all athletes without regard to gender, race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry or economic capability.
    -Emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, integrity, accountability, and fair play
    -Abide by all school, district and WIAA Rules
    Show courtesy to all opposing teams, competitors, hosts and officials
    -Respect the integrity and judgment of all officials.


    -Promoting good sportsmanship by way of example is required at all times. Members must not use foul language at practices, in school, at games, competitions, etc.
    -Excessive public displays of affection are not allowed in uniform, at competition or in a school setting (for older members).
    -Proper appearance is required at all times, with clothing appropriate to the occasion.
    By being a part of the spirit squad, you are accepting the fact that your actions are more prominent than those not associated with such an activity. Because of this, exemplary behavior is mandatory at all times, anywhere in the community and at all school functions where you are a representative of the program.
    -Members and PARENTS must cooperate with all program directors, squad members, game officials and coaches.
    -Each case of discipline will be judged individually. The Program Directors with the assistance of the Coaching Staff if deemed necessary has the final decision in any disciplinary situation.
    -Every attempt will be made to discipline fairly/equally, and to make consequences of actions known ahead of time. Parents will be kept informed of problem situations. Severity of, or repeated offenses may dictate harsher action.


    -Be prepared for practices, games, competitions and events. This includes having all cheer material performance ready.
    -Promote spirit throughout the season and perform at games, competitions and events.
    -Practicing jumps, kicks, cheers, chants, and dances outside of team practice time.
    -Coming to event early on performance days to mark formations on the floor.


    One person being absent affects the entire squad. It is important not to inconvenience the practice time of the entire squad by being absent.
    -Absences should always be avoided when possible.
    -Absences must be excused prior to practice/event/comp by Program Directors/Coaches only.
    -You must have a note from a doctor if you had an appointment or a call or note from you or your parent if you are sick. Call must be received a minimum of 30 minutes prior to start time or the absence will be considered unexcused. Failures to notify your advisor will result in an automatic notice of probation for not calling and will result in suspension from competition or game.
    -Missing a scheduled practice the day before a competition may result in the individual not performing/cheering at the competition.
    -10 absences (excused or unexcused) will result in being dismissed from the team.


    -Practices are mandatory.
    -Cheerleaders must arrive to practice on time, wearing proper shoes and clothing. No Jewelry!
    -Hair needs to be out of the eyes in a secured ponytail.
    -Chewing gum or eating during practices is prohibited.
    -All taping must be done prior to start time.
    -NO SITTING. You will not be allowed to sit during practice unless directed by your coaches or Program Directors. If you are not participating in a stunt or pyramid, you will be required to spot, work on dances, new cheers, etc.
    -Unless specifically asked for your input, leave decision making to coaches and program directors.
    -Make a habit of bringing a notebook and/or calendar and pen to practice. You may need to write down important times and dates.
    -If you have to miss practice for any reason, you are required to call the cheer coach/program director at least 30 minutes prior to the start of practice. Failures to notify your coach will result in an automatic unexcused absence.
    -Missing practices that have valid excuses can still lead to being removed from a routine, a position or stunt, due to not physically being available to practice.
    -Missing the last practice before a competition may result in ineligibility to participate.
    -Safety is our first priority. No excessive horse-playing. Never stunt without a coach/program director present.


    -All games/comps are mandatory
    -Members are required to arrive at least 1 hour or at a prearranged time before the game/comp.
    -All taping must be done prior to the required arrival time.
    -All team members must know all the cheers and routines for the game. Sitting out is unacceptable.
    -Members are required to dress in full uniform. Unless otherwise prearranged.
    -Hair must be pulled back away from the face and secured in a ponytail; bangs must not cover the eyes. Hair ties need to be uniform. (Unless program director or coach tells you otherwise.)
    -No jewelry.
    -Nails need to be athletic length. No nail visible over the finger-tip.
    -No chewing gum or eating while
    performing routine.
    -Unless specifically asked for your input, leave decision making to coaches and program directors. The only people deciding what material to perform are the coaches and program directors.
    -Socializing with friends while the game is in progress is NOT allowed.


    -Uniforms need to be cleaned. (See care instructions provided)
    -Team athletic shoes must be clean
    -All Cheerleaders must have the same uniform look.
    -Do not use profanity or misbehave in any of your cheerleader apparel (uniform, T-shirts, jackets, warm-ups) or while representing JC at any event.
    -No jewelry is allowed during practices, performances or games/competitions..
    Hair must be in a secured full ponytail; bangs must be out of eyes.


    Placement for performances will be based on participation, ability and effort. At the time of performance, if a team member does not have the routine clean enough for performance, they may be asked to sit out the performance.


    -Tardy = A Cheerleader shows up to practice, games, competition, event, 1 minute after required time.
    -After 15 minutes late to practice and/or event, it will be considered an unexcused whether the cheerleader shows up or not.
    -Being tardy results in extra conditioning such as: pushups, lunges, v-sits, or laps at practice.
    -3 tardies results in 1 unexcused absence.


    -Absences = Absences from any cheer event (practice, event, competition, etc) for any reason other than illness or family emergency will be considered unexcused.
    -10 absences (excused or unexcused) will result in being dismissed from the team.
    -1st unexcused absence = 1st game/event suspension.
    -2nd unexcused absence = 2nd game/event suspension, will not perform at next event, FINAL WARNING!!!
    -3rd unexcused absence = removal from program, may not be eligible to come back for the following season.


    The following violations will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Cheer Squad.
    -Underage alcoholic consumption, drug use, use of tobacco products, steroids or any other controlled substances, no RX.
    -Stealing or breaking the law.
    -DISRESPECT for any team member, coaching staff or program director @ any time warrants dismissal. There will be NO talking back or rude comments.
    -If you are suspended (permanently or temporarily), or dismissed from this Jr. Cheer program, you may not rejoin.

    Disciplinary action may result from the following:

    2.Lying to a coach
    3.Talking to fans or other cheerleaders excessively during games
    4.Display of unsportsmanlike conduct by Cheerleader or Parent
    5.Uncooperative Attitude
    6.Absent from competitions, practices or other Cheerleading functions.
    7.Cell phones turned on at any Cheer sponsored event (practice, games, competitions, etc.) You may get permission from your coach, if communication is needed.