Dane Arts Gallery 2020
Artist Submission Form



Purpose: The purpose of the Gallery is to offer Dane County artists a chance to display their work in a frequently visited public space, and an opportunity for the public to discover and enjoy the work of local artists.

Guidelines and Eligibility: Artists of original, two-dimensional, ready-to-hang, works of art may apply for consideration to exhibit in the space. Artists must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Dane County. Artist groups may also apply. Content of work must be appropriate for a government building with space accessible to the general public.

Display space: The space is made up of two segments on one wall on the main floor of the City-County building located at 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in downtown Madison. One segment offers 20 running feet, and the other 12 running feet. The ceiling height is 9’2”. A track hanging system, with cables and secure hooks, is in place. There is no dedicated gallery lighting. Existing lighting is a combination of ceiling mounted fixtures and recessed lighting fixtures. Artist must have enough artwork available to fill this space.

Timing of show: solo artist shows run for 10-12 weeks. There are 4 solo artist shows plus one special purpose show identified by the Dane County Arts & Cultural Affairs Commission.

Marketing and promotion: Information about the gallery, exhibits and artists will be provided through the Dane Arts website, the Dane Arts Newsletter, and any other existing and future means used by Dane Arts.

Sales: Any sale of artwork is to take place directly between the artist and potential buyers, and there is no commission involved. Each piece of art will be labeled with artist name, title of work, and medium. Prices can be displayed. County staff will provide artist contact information along with the artist statement to be displayed in a frame provided by the county.

Insurance coverage for lost, damaged or stolen artwork: Dane County’s insurance covers art (single piece or as a collection) valued up to $50,000; with a $5,000 deductible. Artists will sign a waiver document to make sure the insurance policy is understood.

Installation: The gallery administrator will do the installation in cooperation with the artist. All exhibitors should bring someone to help them.

Selection process: County staff will review submissions for eligibility and ability to meet guidelines. Staff will present these to the exhibit selection committee. The committee will be made up of people who have a background in visual arts. The committee will review submissions in early November 2019.

Selection Criteria:
1. Artistic merit of the work
2. Understanding of the medium
3. Technical expertise
4. Appropriateness for the space (i.e. materials used, subject matter, safety, enough work to fill the space, ability to install)
5. Innovation

Submission Requirements:
1. Digital images (6 minimum-10 maximum). Name files by number, title and initials (for example, 1 Blue Skies JA). Each file 10MB limit. If you are not able to submit images of the specific pieces you intend to exhibit, either because they are currently at a gallery or because you wish to exhibit new work that is not yet complete, submit images that give the jury a sense of your work, and be specific in the narrative section of the application form.
2. A current artist statement/bio
3. Exhibition narrative
4. List of images, including number, title, medium, dimensions of work, value (even if NFS)


If you have any questions about the Dane Arts Gallery or the application process, please feel free to ask!

Contact: Pam Andros, gallery administrator Andros@countyofdane.com 608-261-9780.
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