Troop Activity Approval Application
Use this form when your troop plans an activity with higher risk according to Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC).

Form is due 4 weeks prior to expected date of troop activity if company is currently GSOC approved and 8 weeks prior if company is not currently GSOC approved. Please note that if a company is not currently approved, the process will take longer.

Please refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints for all activity planning.
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  • Daisy Scouts can participate in activities allowed by GSUSA Safety Activity Checkpoints.
  • If "OTHER" Please explain below:
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  • Event Information: Please provide information on when and where your event will take place.

  • The name of the person at the the company you are having your event
  • email address of the contact person at the event
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  • By submitting this form, I confirm that the information in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.