Early Learner/PreK, Kindergarten and Grade One
Teacher Reference
  • We appreciate your cooperation in completing this form. It provides a lens through which to gather insight about the candidate, fully understanding that young children are constantly changing and developing. We place particular value on your observations of classroom behavior and your descriptive comments. This evaluation will be kept in strict confidence.
  • Academy Hill enrolls students who are academically able and willing to challenge themselves, and who will add to our respectful and caring community. We appreciate your honest evaluation.
  • Exhibits Strength Age Appropriate Needs Development
    Befriends Classmates
    Supportive of Peers
    Comfortable with Adults
    Plays Happily When Alone
    Shares Well
    Initiates Play
    Exhibits Appropriate Humor
    Capacity to Lead
    Capacity to Follow
    Uses Materials Purposefully
  • Exhibits Strength Age Appropriate Needs Development
    Demonstrates Ability to Focus on One Task
    Works Cooperatively
    Completes Tasks
    Listens in groups
    Respects Classroom Routines
    Expresses Ideas Well
    Moves Easily From One Activity to Another
    Responds Positively to Constructive Criticism
    Willing to Try New Activities
    Enjoys New Challenges
    Exhibits Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Exhibits Strength Age Appropriate Needs Development
    Small Muscle Control and Coordination
    Large Muscle Control and Coordination
    Speech Development
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