International Application Form
Thank you for your interest in the Canadore College Residence. Please complete the questionnaire below to apply for residence.

You will receive a confirmation from – please ensure your email is set to allow emails from this address, as some spam filters may prevent you from receiving this confirmation.

  • *If you are not an international student, please do not complete this form. Please complete the domestic student application, which is available at
  • *Please Note – residence requires a minimum of a 4-month commitment (beginning on the 1st of the calendar month and/or the advertised move in date for the term selected) by all students. By completing this form, you agree that you will remain in residence and pay your residence fees, for a minimum of 4 months.
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    *Please Note – this is a request and not a guarantee. The residence will confirm with you if they are available to accommodate your requested dates or not. If your requested dates change, please contact the residence at immediately. Early move-in and late move-outs will be subject to additional fees.

    Early move-in is extremely limited, and you may be required to stay at a hotel if the residence is not able to accommodate your requested dates. Note that hotel arrangements will not be made for you by the residence.

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  • (Please note that these will be taken into consideration, however they are not guaranteed)

    The collection of information in this form complies with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The primary purpose of this collection of information is the processing of residential accommodation application and payments or other contractual obligations resulting from this application. The information may also be used for statistical reports from the College or from the departments and agencies of the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. Questions regarding the collection of information may be directed to the administration of the residence at

    I hereby authorize the Canadore College Residence to confirm my student status, with regard to college registration status and school fees. I authorize the residence to disclose my name and e-mail address to persons to whom the same dwelling is assigned (roommates).

    Residence and deposit fees can be paid at the front desk of the residence by certified cheque, cash or debit.

    SECURITY DEPOSIT - All students are required to pay a security deposit of $300.00 with their application, in addition to their residence fees. This security deposit will remain on your account throughout your stay at the residence. Once you have moved out of the residence, this deposit will be returned to you via cheque to the address provided on this form, less any charges applied to your account for damages to the room/cleaning charges should your room not be left clean. Your home address can be changed at any time at the residence front desk, or by emailing

    RESIDENCE FEES - The below information reflects the pricing and payment structure for international students. Accepted international students will be assigned a room by residence management in either a 4-bedroom unit in building “Canadore 15”, or a room in a Townhouse. Please note that the residence reserves the right to relocate students with 24-hours notice at any time throughout a students’ stay.

    Summer 2019 Term (May - August, 2019) - International residence fee pricing will be sent to each student with their acceptance into residence.

    September 2019 - April 2020 - $500.00 per month, per student

    *Please note that residence fees are subject to change, with notice.

    Student may choose one of the following Residence Fee Payment Options:

    OPTION 1
    - Security Deposit ($300) - due before Move-In
    - 4 Months of Residence Fees - due before Move-In
    - Early Move-In Fees (if applicable) - due before Move-In
    *Residence Fees for any additional months approved for housing will be due by the 1st of each month

    OPTION 2
    - Security Deposit ($300) - due before Move-In
    - 2 Months of Residence Fees - due before Move-In
    - Early Move-In Fees (if applicable) - due before Move-In
    - Month 3 Residence Fees - due on the 1st of the month
    - Month 4 Residence Fees – due on the 1st of the month
    *Residence Fees for any additional months approved for housing will be due by the 1st of each month

    Students will not be provided housing before payment is made. A late fee of $50.00 will be applied for all payments that are not received by their due dates.

    If you wish to cancel your request you must notify the manager of the residence in writing, by emailing Please note that the residence operates independently of the college and if you cancel your college registration you must also cancel your application with the residence.

    By completing this form, you are bound by the following cancellation policy:
    - Cancelations received within 30 days of the scheduled move in day, will be subject to the forfeit of the $300.00 security deposit.
    - Students who have registered and moved into residence are required to remain in residence for a minimum of one (1) entire college semester (September-December, January-April, or May-August). Students leaving before the end of the registered semester are required to pay all fees associated with that semester in full before their departure from the residence.
    - Students who register for an additional semester(s) while living in residence are required to remain in residence for the entirety of the additional semester(s) in which they have registered for, and are required to pay all fees associated with the additional semester(s) before departure.

    For questions related to the cancellation policy, please contact