Homeschool Student Athlete Registration
Please read carefully below and submit one time WITH the Athletic Participation Packet.
  • Homeschool Student Athlete Eligibility Requirements

    1. At least one parent must be an active member of an Evangelical Christian Church.
    2. The student must be registered with the local School Board as a homeschool student. Please provide a copy to the TFCA Athletic Director. The document will be kept confidential.
    3. Student athletes must be enrolled in a full-time homeschool program that meets Commonwealth of Kentucky requirements for home schools and includes one Bible class.
    4. All Kentucky guidelines for home schooling must be observed (see
    5. The home school will email the player’s grades to the Athletic Director on a quarterly and mid-quarterly basis during participation in TFCA athletics. A player must maintain a 2.0 average on a 4.0 point scale, with no Ds or Fs in a core course in order to practice with and play for TFCA.
    6. If a student is ineligible for academic or disciplinary reasons and subsequently becomes homeschooled, he/she may not participate in TFCA athletics during the length of the original ineligibility period.
    7. Parents and athletes must abide by the TFCA Athletic Manual.
    8. The athlete must have an annual physical turned in to the TFCA office prior to participating or playing with the team. (Form is available at
    9. The athlete must participate in homeschool studies the day of a game in order to play, except for Saturdays and scheduled school breaks. A sick player may not participate in an athletic event on that day.
    10. An athletics participation fee of $250 per sport is required.
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