L.E.A.F CSA Order Form
Please contact Mark Ramsay @ 860-919-6127 to make arrangements for payment.
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  • For all Friday shareholder pick ups, all pick ups prior to July 7th must be picked up at the farm, located at 65 Blueberry Lane on either Tuesday or Saturday, you must notify The LEAF by email (info@leafct.com) on which day you will be picking up.

    Our 18 week share starts June 20th and ends October 21st. Your share box can only be picked up at the LEAF for the first 2 weeks. Tuesday July 4ths pick up will be changed to Monday July 3rd due to the holiday. After July 4th your share box can be picked up at either the LEAF on Tue. and Sat, or at the Southington Farmers Market on Fridays. We will need to be notified by email 1 week ahead of time where you will be picking up your share box.