RegisCorps Membership Application
We are thrilled that you decided to apply to be a participant in RegisCorps. We believe that all students are capable of finding how to use their gifts and talents to become passionate leaders within and outside of the Regis Campus community. The Leadership Certificate Program challenges students to become leaders through classroom and experiential learning opportunities.

Enrollment Application Check-list

 Be in academically good standing: not on academic probation (please provide unofficial transcipt) 
 Resume that includes leadership experience
 1 letter of recommendation can be submitted via email to or directly attached to this application
 Attached Letter of intent
 Completion of one para-curricular leadership course
 Completed this online application form

**Application is due on the Add/Drop Date of the semester that you are seeking to be accepted into RegisCorps. For example: a student takes the class in the Fall, the application would be due for the Add/Drop date of the following spring semester.
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  • Please sign your name above.