Application for Candidacy
  • Postulants may apply for candidacy after receiving the support of the LDC and the clergy with oversight, as well as completing:
    • Two years of required theological study (or its equivalent)
    • One year of field education or part of the intern year.
    • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
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  • Write a substantial (400+ word) letter to the bishop requesting admission to candidacy. Describe your areas of academic and spiritual growth during Postulancy. Outline the goals you have for continued growth during the remainder of your formation.

    We recommend that you compose your letter in a minimally formatted word processing document, saving as you go along. Then copy/paste the text into the box when you are finished. This approach can help you avoid losing your work if you accidentally close this browser tab.
  • Depending on your hardware, you may use your finger, mouse, digital pen, or a similar pointing device to sign your name. If you want to start over, select "Clear."