Advantages of the visa waiver program
The US government became really strict after the terror attack of 9/11 the visa waiver program toughen their requirements for the citizens of engaging countries. There were many changes that were implemented and the first one was regarding the passport and what type of passport the applicants could use for participating. In order to reduce the process the electronic passports were introduced and they are still in use. The process of participating in this program is exclusively electronic.

The process of the ESTA form was introduced to collect information about the travel permits. By filling the online form the applicants enter their information into their system. The visa waiver program is compatible with the citizens of the countries eligible for the visa waiver program.

There are 38 countries that are eligible for the visa waiver program. The applicants of these countries can get the security of the validated passport and they get the assurance that their trip to the USA will be smooth under it.

What is the eligibility to apply for ESTA?

Following criteria needs to be followed by the applicants:

They should be the citizens of the eligible countries.
The visitors should plan their visit accordingly as the validity of the ESTA is 90 days and the applicants cannot stay more than 90 days as they can face serious trouble due to this.
The visitors are only allowed to travel to the United States for business and travel purposes. The visitors cannot start attending the classes in the US except for the cooking classes.

What is Needed?

There are certain things that are needed for successfully completing the ESTA form.

The applicant needs to have a passport from the visa waiver program.
It is very important for visitors to have a valid credit card.
Proper contact information is required for the online application.
All the recent employment details are required for ESTA.

Applying for ESTA has been made easy:

There are no restrictions on the applicants as they can definitely take the help of the third party in filling the required information for applying for ESTA with online instruction. This is one of the best options for large families to ensure all the relevant information is entered quickly and accurately.

For how long is ESTA visa valid for?

The tourist ESTA visa is generally valid for 2 years from the day of approval. This helps you with the multiple trips guarantee period. On the other hand, yes the validity of the ESTA may also be affected by the expiry of one's passport. Always make sure that your US trip should not extend for more than the required time period as it can make serious issues for you which can lead you in a lot of trouble.

For how long you can stay for tourist ESTA visa in the US?

The tourist ESTA visa is only valid for a period of 90 days or less. Overstaying than the 90 day period can not be termed as any other thing than unlawful. If you want to stay in the united states it is very important for you to follow the rules and regulations which are designed by the visa waiver program otherwise legal actions can be taken against people who violate the law.
Always try to follow the rules and regulations and cooperate with the higher authorities.
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